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Help raise awareness for the 1 in 5000 females diagnosed with MRKH Syndrome by walking/running 5000 Metres.

Whether you are local, or located across the globe, anyone can get involved.

Each individual who signs up is encouraged to bring in donations to help us reach our goal of raising $2500 for MRKH Canada to put towards initiatives to support, awareness and resources for people with MRKH and their supporters.

The individual who raises the most money will receive a Grand Prize, but everyone who contributes will also be entered to win a door prize.


In-Person Entry: $25

  • Racer bib

  • Participation Ribbon

  • Entry to win a door prize


Virtual Entry: $20

  • Downloadable Racer Bib.

  • Link to live stream of opening/closing ceremony

  • Entry to win a door prize

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MRKH Syndrome is a congenital condition that affects the development of the reproductive system in approximately 1 in 5000 females (46, XX). It causes the underdevelopment or absence of the uterus, cervix & vaginal canal and may also impact kidney, skeletal, hearing, heart & mental health. 

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