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About Us

Our goal is to support, educate & empower those with MRKH & their supporters.

We're a not-for-profit organization founded by MRKH advocate, Ashley Clark, based in Kingston, ON, Canada. With a team of passionate, driven individuals to continue Ashley's original mission, MRKH Canada is currently the only patient-run resource for those with MRKH in Canada! To achieve our mission, we hold MRKH events, virtual meet-ups, fundraisers to raise awareness about MRKH, and funds to continue to provide support, connection and resources in Canada. We also advocate to make MRKH more well-known among the general public and especially the medical community to provide a better healthcare experience for those living with MRKH.

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MRKH Syndrome affects 1 in 5000 females, yet there aren't many medical professionals who know what it is. These identification cards can make explaining MRKH easier. To receive a handful of these cards, simply fill out the contact form below. I will mail cards to Canadian addresses for FREE!

MRKH Identification Cards request sent!

MRKH Identification Cards

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