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This one is like the perfect gift for the characters of the Wizard of Oz with Rose Quartz a stone of the heart and Amazonite a rock of courage.



Healing Properties

Inner: This stone is all about love: love for yourself, love for others, love from others, you get the point. Physical: It should come as no surprise that rose quartz is said to help with heart issues. Though, also, with lungs and cancer.



Healing Properties

Inner: It is said this crystal works wonders when you meditate with it. It keeps you calm, but also instills courage when your voice needs to be heard.

Physical: Amazonite is suppose to help keep you healthy or to help you heal after an illness or injury.



Healing Properties

Inner: supposedly a calm, soothing stone that absorbs negative energy and helps balance emotions. Physical: Howlite is said to help with insomnia and cramps, as well as be a pain reliever.

Multicoloured Courage

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